Add Some Bling To Your Bathroom!

For those looking for the flashiest of flushes, how about a toilet decorated with 72,000 pieces of Swarovski crystal?

 Swarovski Toilet

Valued at around £83,000, this Luxury Loo took around a month for Swarovski jewellers to complete and went on display in Tokyo in December, at a Lixil showroom in Ginza, one of the city’s shopping districts.

The Japanese are well known for their love of advanced toilets, including preset water temperature and heated seats, however, they will have to admire the Flashy Throne from afar as it isn’t available to buy.

Now, while our showers may not be as glamorous as a Swarovski toilet, our CSE electric showers are finished in beautiful satin chrome, allowing you to have your own ‘bit of bling’ in your bathroom.

All accessories in the cse range are all fully chromed, giving your shower a contemporary look and feel.

Browse through our range of our satin chrome electric showers to find your next shower.

And if your bathroom budget doesn’t quite stretch to £83,000, then how about £50 for a Swarovski container? This little gem is available directly from Swarovski and would be fantastic as a glam toothbrush holder!

Swarovski Container


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