Is This The World’s Scariest Bathroom?

Now, we’ve seen some scary bathrooms in our time… but nothing compares to this luxury penthouse bathroom in Guadalajara, Mexico. The bathroom is at the top of a 1970s colonial building in a penthouse designed by architects Hernandez Silva Arquitecto.

While the penthouse living space itself is completely as you would expect, the bathroom just happens to be situated at the top of an unused 15-storey lift shaft. Oh, and the architects decided to give the bathroom a glass floor meaning anyone using the room can see right down to the bottom of the shaft! 

Scary bathroom

We hope that glass is reinforced!

For most people, the thought of dangling over a vast lift shaft is terrifying enough, but it’s something that the owners of the penthouse will have to endure every day. While they carry out simple everyday tasks, such as using the toilet or brushing their teeth, they will be able to look right down through the glass floor to the bottom of the 15 floor shaft.

The empty shaft was originally intended to be a second lift for the building, but when it was never installed, the architects used the opportunity to add a bathroom at the top – and quite possibly the world’s most terrifying bathroom!

Scary Bathroom

This bathroom doesn’t do much encourage the 2 minute brushing time recommended by dentists!

We hope your visits to the bathroom are not so scary – Happy Friday everyone!

Images courtesy of London Media.


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