Wonder Dog Saves Owner Who Slips In The Shower

I read a lovely story this week about a Yorkshire Terrier, named Louis, who saved his owner after she collapsed in the shower.

Little Louis (look at him below, cute!) was trained by his owner, Victoria Shaw, to call for assistance in emergencies. Mrs Shaw is registered disabled and carries a panic alarm with her. She trained Louis to press the button, but it had always been a game. This time, Louis had to act for real.

Louis the Wonder Dog

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

When Mrs Shaw came out of her shower, she tripped on a rug, fell and hit her head. When she came to, Louis was right by her side and she could hear the voice of Telecare operative Sarah McLoughlin. Sarah called an ambulance and stayed on the line to reassure Mrs Shaw. Sarah asked who raised the alarm and they realised it must’ve been Louis. What a clever little dog! Luckily she was only left with a headache and dizziness, nothing too serious.

And to continue the dog/shower/water theme for today, here are some wonderful photos of dogs swimming underwater from amazing photographer Seth Casteel (you may have seen some of these online already, they’ve been a huge success).

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs

Underwater Dogs 3

Underwater Dogs 4

Underwater Dogs 5

Underwater Dogs 6All photos courtesy of Seth Casteel

Happy Friday everyone!


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