Would You Buy A Shower Online?

Choosing the best shower for your home is an important choice to make, and one that shouldn’t be rushed. By selecting the most suitable shower, it can save you money as well as possibly make your home more eco friendly. It is estimated that taking a five minute shower can save up to fifty litres compared to taking a bath.

At Gainsborough Showers, it’s possible to buy any of our products on our website, whether you need a complete shower or a spare part. We think buying online is a great way to buy a shower, so we’ve compiled the main benefits for you here:

Buying a shower online is convenient
You can browse and buy in your own home, at a time that’s convenient to you, even in your pyjamas if you want to! There’s no rush to buy, you can take your time, and the website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, if at 2am you wake up to realise you forgot to buy that replacement shower, you can get it quickly online, no problem.

Online purchases are usually cheaper
Buying products online tends to be cheaper, as the associated costs are lower. There is no shopfront display to manage, and no rent to pay on an expensive high street. That means that we can we pass on our lower costs to our customers.

You can do research in your own time
When you buy online, you can spend your time researching to make sure you but the best product for you. Search engines like Google make it easy for us to find exactly what we’re looking for. Plus, there’s no rush to get round a lot of showrooms, you can visit them all in one afternoon without even moving from the sofa. And after you’ve found the right shower and ordered it, you can reward yourself with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

You Can Make Informed Choices
Websites usually contain a lot of information, and all that information is available to you to look at for as long as you like. When buying a shower or a spare part, you will have access to photos and technical information – in fact everything you need in order to make a purchase. You’re able to print the details, email them to a partner or friend, and compare different showers to pick the best one. If you’re not sure about water systems or other technical queries, there are many websites out there with information to help, as well as forums where you can post questions and get answers.

Free Delivery
Many websites offer free delivery to encourage online sales. For example, we offer free next working day delivery to UK mainland customers. 

Replacing a shower is easy online
If you need to replace an old shower, we list all of our old models on our website, and suggest which new models are suitable for replacements – easy!

So there you have it. Buying a shower online is quick, hassle free, usually cheaper, and there’ll be no pushy sales people! What do you think, would you buy a shower online?


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One response to “Would You Buy A Shower Online?

  1. Simon

    Yes, I would and I have! I buy most things online, from holidays to clothes. I think the only things I would be reluctant to buy online would be cars and houses – probably best to check them out in person!

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