A Guide To Buying A Replacement Shower

If you’ve had the misfortune of your shower breaking down recently then you’ll be in need of replacing a shower.

Replacing a Shower

It may be easier to replace your existing shower with a replacement shower which is very similar. Depending on the type of shower and, possibly the type of water system you have, may determine what type of shower you can choose.

Replacing a shower can be quite cost-effective and it can be easy to find a suitable replacement. On our website, for example, we list all of our obsolete shower models and the recommended replacements for them. For many showers, there are no direct replacements, so it is necessary to buy a retro-fit replacement and there may be some alterations needed to the water inlet and fixing points.

Furthermore, showers are becoming more technically advanced, so there may be improved safety features available on new showers that your current shower does not have. Our mixer showers are all thermostatic, for example, ensuring that they automatically adjust to any variations in the water temperature to avoid any sudden spikes of hot or cold water. This feature is particularly useful in households with elderly family members or young children.

Replacing Electric Showers

If you wish to replace your existing electric shower with a higher or lower kW rating shower, then it must be fitted by a Part P certified electrician who will be able to check that the electrical wiring and fuses are suitable and will upgrade them if needed. They will also be able to provide you with certification for the fitting of the new shower to prove that it meets electrical regulations.

Replacement Shower Parts

If only 1 or 2 parts of the shower have failed, it may be easier and cheaper to buy replacement shower parts, rather than buying a completely new shower. We have an online shower parts store which stocks a wide range of parts for over 35 of our shower models. It’s easy to identify which part to order from our helpful exploded diagrams. All of our parts are delivered free and either sent by first class Royal Mail or courier service.
A PRD (Pressure Relief Device) is one of the most commonly ordered parts. All of our electric shower units feature an integral PRD in order to meet European Standards. The PRD provides a degree of shower unit protection should an excessive build-up of pressure occur within the shower. This would normally be due to a kinked or damaged hose or blocked shower head.

If you find that your shower is leaking from the bottom of the unit when it is switched on, then it is likely that the PRD has activated and will need replacing. Another sign could be water running from around the hose of the shower. Another cause for the PRD to activate is using a different hose or shower head than the one provided with the shower. The shower will only function correctly with the hose and shower head provided.


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