What Are The Best Showers For Large Families?

Summer is (apparently) approaching fast, and this time of year typically brings summer holidays from school, and lots of playing outside for the kids. Summer is the time of year when children love to get outside and play, which usually ends up with them getting as muddy as possible.

So, the little monsters are more likely to make trips to the bathroom to wash and shower off. It’s therefore important to think about what type of shower would be best to cope with the extra demand that the summertime brings.

Households with large families may find that an electric shower is the best option to ensure hot water is available at any time of the day. Electric showers provide instant hot water, which means there is no waiting for the hot water tank to fill up if someone else has had a shower before you. Electric showers feed off the mains cold water and are completely independent from your household’s hot water system. They have an internal heating element, which heats the cold water as it passes through, to deliver you a nice, warm shower.

Electric showers can also be an economical choice for families, as they only heat the water required so there is no wasted hot water sitting unused in a cylinder.

So whether it’s a muddy football match, or a wet fishing trip, the summer will no doubt bring with it lots of showers (and hopefully not from the weather!)


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