Calling All Affiliates!

We’ve just signed up to one of the leading affiliate networks and we’re looking for website publishers to help drive traffic and sales to our website.

So, if you have a website, why not sign up to join our programme?

What is affiliate marketing?

Firstly, let’s explain what affiliate marketing is. It’s a marketing tool, which is extremely cost-effective. Advertisers (such as Gainsborough Showers) benefit from ‘pay-for-performance’ results. Website publishers (known as affiliates) add banners, buttons, adverts and links to their website to help drive traffic and sales to the advertiser’s website. For every sale that is made, the advertisers pay commission to the publisher by tracking the transactions.

What are the benefits for affiliates?

Joining our programme will have a number of benefits for affiliates too. These are:

  • The programme is completely free to join
  • It’s simple and easy to set it up
  • More and more consumers are buying bathroom products online – more opportunities for commission

The benefits for Gainsborough Showers

Here at Gainsborough we’re really excited about the possibilities of starting a new affiliate programme. Our customers love that they can buy a shower online, quickly and easily with no fuss, and by adding further opportunities for them to do that will really help towards achieving our goals as a business. We hope that this programme will create more awareness of our electric, mixer and digital showers – from our best-selling 8.5 se, to our trusty Ambassador mixer, right through to our premium digital range. The affiliate programme will also help to raise awareness of our new GSX electric shower range, which starts from only £89.99 for our GSX 8.5.

How To Join

Website owners can become a member of Affiliate Future and apply for our programme – our merchant ID is 5774. It’s as easy as that!


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