New Era in Air Travel – Photon Showers

Business travellers are always looking for ways to make travelling more comfortable. After all, frequenting flying is tiring and business travellers often have meetings straight from the airport. What little sleep they manage to get on the flight is often interrupted, causing stress and tiredness. Furthermore, time differences and jet lag can make the situation even worse. 

So, Delta Airlines have presented a concept “photon shower” which uses bright lights instead of water to wake up tired travellers. It’s been described as a “90 second light bath”. When the starting and destination cities are put into the shower, it can calculate how many time zones have been crossed and how much light is therefore needed to combat jet lag. Very clever!

Photon Shower

This is not the first time an airline has experimented with light therapy; Finnair has offered business travellers bright light therapy into the ear canal since 2012.

What do you think of this “light shower”? Would you be tempted to use it on a long flight?

At the moment it is just a concept product, but it could be making its way to aeroplanes in the future.

Image courtesy of LinkedIn



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