Revealed: Bad British Bathroom Etiquette

We Brits have a reputation of being polite, courteous and of course, having perfect manners. But is this representation just a smoke screen? Research conducted recently by Villeroy & Boch has revealed some of our worse bathroom habits… and the findings are a bit grim!

The bathroom company surveyed 2,000 people  and found out some of the most common bad bathroom behaviour – and the arguments that result from it.  Unsurprisingly, leaving the toilet seat up is one of the most common bad bathroom habit and 29% of women have had arguments with their partners about the toilet seat! Not replacing loo roll is another area for arguments with over a third of respondents claiming they have argued with family members or housemates about this matter.

And if you think women are squeaky clean, think again. According to the survey, 3% more women leave towels on the floor compared to men! 

It sounds to us like it’s time to start improving the British bathroom etiquette. According to Debrett’s, the modern authority on etiquette, you should:

“Leave it clean, always flush and never discuss”

And when in a group, and nature calls, you should always follow this advice:

“Either slip away quietly or excuse yourself from the group.”

What are the worst bathroom habits you’ve come across?


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One response to “Revealed: Bad British Bathroom Etiquette

  1. Dee

    Hi, I’ve been in a public bathroom and have seen people peeking between the spaces in the stall door. Embarrassing!

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